Get your own private Selenium Grid in the cloud with just 1 click.

Selenium testing with real browsers at very low cost and high speed.

Launch your Selenium Grid in the Amazon AWS Region closest to you for optimal test performance.

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Launch your Selenium Grid in the Amazon Data Region closest to you for increased speed and test reliability. Have servers in Amazon EC2? Launch your selenium grid in the same data center for optimal test performance.

Auto Scaling

Your selenium grid automatically scales up and down in real time to meet your testing needs, it's an elastic grid!

Maintenance Free

Your selenium grid runs 24/7 and automatically self repair and maintains the grid for optimal performance. The selenium grid environment is updated regulary to support new browsers and selenium versions.

Low Cost

Take full advantage of the low machine cost of today's cloud environment and scale your private selenium grid with on-demand instance nodes or use spot instance nodes at huge Amazon discount savings.

Test Reliability

Having your selenium grid run in close proximity to your test servers improves connectivity and provides with a more stable network environment that minimizes non deterministic test failures.

User Friendly

Easily reconfigure your selenium grid at any time to suit your organizational needs. There are no changes to your existing environment, just point your tests to your grid and run! See videos of every test for debugging.

Sign up and get a free account. Start and test your free selenium grid at anytime and in an close to you Amazon Region. The demo includes a Jenkins build server that is preconfigured with an example, 1 click run, selenium test suite that you can use to see your selenium grid in action immediately.
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