Katalon Selenium Grid Example

This Katalon selenium grid example uses a Gridlastic selenium grid for browser execution. The selenium grid hub endpoint and grid hub credentials are displayed after launching your Gridlastic selenium grid.

Gridlastic Katalon Setup

Step 1 : Go to Project->Settings

Step 2 : In project settings window expand the Desired Capabilities and select remote

Step 3 : In remote server url section provide your Gridlastic hub url like:


Step 4 : Click add button

Step 5 : In the name column enter browserName and type as String and Value is the browser to run(chrome/firefox/MicrosoftEdge)

Step 6: Repeat the same for browserVersion and platform name

Step 7 : Once the above steps are completed execute your test in remote by selecting run->remote

NOTE: Gridlastic auto scaling requires all 3 test environment parameters platform, browser and browser version to be specified in each request in order to launch test nodes to fulfill test demand. Video recording is optional. See test environments for capabilities options.
It is important to ensure that "driver.quit()" is always called for proper test execution and creation of video recordings of failed tests.