Selenium side runner - selenium IDE

This selenium side runner grid example uses a Gridlastic selenium grid for browser execution. The selenium grid hub endpoint and credentials are displayed after launching your Gridlastic selenium grid.


Using command line runner (side runner) we can run the tests in Gridlastic selenium grid

Step 1 : Install nodejs and npm package manager.

Step 2 : After installing nodejs run this command to install selenium side runner:
npm install -g selenium-side-runner
Step 3 : Once the test script is ready run this command to run your test in Gridlastic grid


selenium-side-runner “*.side” --server -c "browserName='chrome' version='88' platformName='windows' platform='WIN10'"

Parallel Test Execution

Follow the below steps in Selenium IDE for parallel execution.

Organize your tests that needs to be executed in parallel under one test suite then click on the Settings of the test suite.

In suite properties, select the check box of Run in parallel and then click submit and save the project

Run the tests using the command

selenium-side-runner “*.side” --server -c "browserName='chrome' version='88' platformName='Windows' platform='WIN10"
Or specify parallel threads with "-w n" like
selenium-side-runner -w 2 “*.side” --server -c "browserName='chrome' version='88' platformName='Windows' platform='WIN10"
for 2 tests in parallel.